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Subject: Education Coral Reef Data Base Request

  Dear Colleagues,

  The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation (TERANGI) has recently been
commissioned by Johns Hopkins University - Center for Communication Programs
to develop a database for coral reef educational media within the frame of
the Indonesian COREMAP - Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project.
In order to develop an extensive and up to date database of educational
booklets, teacher manuals, audiovisual training aids, etc., we would like to
ask for your support. We aim to include the efforts and products of as many
institutions and individuals as possible in this database, hoping that this
approach will benefit international stakeholders in coral reef management
and education projects as well as Indonesian efforts to increase awareness
and to build capacity for coral reef management and conservation. We plan to
facilitate  communication among institutions and projects by providing
contact addresses of authors and distributors together with information on
the content, intended target groups, specific use categories,  appropriate
age groups, etc. . The database will be made available to all interested
stakeholders on CD-ROM and on the Internet,  in time for this years 9th
International Coral Reef Symposium in Bali if possible.  We hope that a
joint display can be organized, in which a large number of the included
media can be explored by interested symposium participants.


  One main goal of both COREMAP and TERANGI programs is to increase public
awareness regarding management and wise use of coral reef resources through
education and training.  TERANGI began more than a year ago to search for
appropriate books, publications, training manuals and audiovisual material
in order to carry out education and public awareness activities focusing on
general reef ecology, the values and threats of coral reefs, and community
based CR management. With  agreement from the authors, some of the
materials, including two videos, a book, a monitoring manual, and an
educational flipchart are currently being translated or adapted for use in

  During this process it became apparent, that in line with the "ICRI
(International Coral Reef Initiative) -  CALL TO ACTION" in Dumaguete in the
Philippines in 1995, the "Year of the Reef" in 1997, and the "ICRI
Reaffirmation of the Call to Action and Framework for Action" on the
"ITMEMS" (International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium) in
Townsville, Australia, in 1998, many new and creative materials have been
developed to communicate coral reef related issues to a wider public in
general and to specific target groups in schools, Universities, and
Government Institutions in particular. Nevertheless, when asked by TERANGI
for references of publications by other institutions, many national and
international NGOs and donor agencies stated, that they found it difficult
to keep track with new releases. Many were surprised to find out that there
were several new and valuable materials available.

  In order to support and strengthen the national and international
mechanisms for gathering and sharing educational information and expertise
on the sustainable management of coral reefs and related ecosystems, The
Johns Hopkins University - Center for Communication Programs commissioned
TERANGI to develop an educational coral reef media database within the
framework of the JHU-CCP Coral Reef Public Awareness Component of COREMAP.


  Information will be collected in as many forms as possible, including
books and educational booklets, training manuals, school project
documentation, posters, games, audiovisual material, educational slide
collections, interactive CD-ROMs, and websites. These will be categorized by
subject, target group, etc., and entered into a clearing house database,
which will be made available to interested stakeholders on CD-ROM and on the
Internet, similar to other Johns Hopkins projects, such as the Zambia Health
Communication Database (see


  We like to invite you to be represented in this database. Please make
copies of the attached form, and fill out one form for each item you or your
institution has produced and/or would like to see included in the database.
You can fax the form to  +62-21-717 933 72, send it by mail, or enter
information directly in the attached document and send it to our e-mail
address: terangi at

  If you would like to have your material placed on display at the Bali
conference beginning on October 8, 2000, please send a sample of your
product/s to the following address

  Yayasan TERANGI

  PO Box 4346

  JKTM 12700



  If you or your institution will be present at the Bali conference, please
consider to bring or ship copies of your product, to enable interested
participants to purchase them easily.

  If you send a sample of your materials, please note whether you would like
us to return it to you after the conference or whether the sample(s) can be
added to a clearing house library as a future information source for
students, local NGOs, government officials, and other stakeholders. We hope
to be able to update the database at regular intervals, so please inform us
in the future if you would like other products to be added.

  We hope that our joint effort will benefit the growing community of
institutions and individuals caring for the conservation and the sustainable
use of coral reefs. Thank you very much for your consideration and support,

  Yours sincerely

        Marlina Purwadi

        Program Officer for Marine Science and Education

        TERANGI - The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation
       Dr. Douglas Storey

        Teamleader COREMAP Public Awareness

        JHUCCP - Johns Hopkins University /

        Center for Communication Programs

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this letter carries no logo and no signatures in contrast to requests, which
we send out by mail.

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