Bioluminescence in Puerto Mosquito

Beatrice Seliger b_seliger at
Thu Jun 29 16:25:49 EDT 2000

     I am very much interested in corresponding with anyone who has studied 
or made measurements of the bioluminescence and the organisms in Puerto 
Mosquito on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico during the past 30 years.

     I published the original papers describing the mechanismd by which 
Pyrodinium bahamense var. bahamense blooms persistently in Oyster Bay, 
Jamaica, and in Bahia Fosforescente on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, 
and also made a series of measurements in Puerto Mosquito (reprints 
available on request). Unfortunately Oyster Bay and Bahia Fosforescente have 
been impacted seriously. Puerto Mosquito appears to be the last remaining 
relatively pristine bioluminescent bay.

     I plan to make another series of measurements in Puerto Mosquito, 
within the next few months, to compare with what I found 30 years ago.
     It would be extremely helpful to have data on species compositions and 
abundances, nutrients, state of the surrounding mangroves, etc...determined 
anytime after 1970, in order to develop a more complete picture.  I would be 
agreeable to collaboration on joint authorship of any paper that 
incorporated meaningful data obtained during this intermediate period.

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