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Call for Proposals in Coral Reef Research and Conservation

Earthwatch Institute is a non-profit institution that sponsors scholarly
field research in the biological, physical, social and cultural
sciences.  To date, Earthwatch has supported over 1,000 research
projects in 118 countries with $37 million in research grants and over
50,000 volunteer field assistants.  The volunteers are well-educated and
highly motivated individuals who are recruited, screened and trained to
meet scientistsí needs.  The Center for Field Research is the affiliate
organisation of Earthwatch Institute that develops and recommends
programs for Earthwatch support.  The Center is interested in enhancing
Earthwatchís support of coral reef projects and is now accepting
proposals for field work related to research and conservation in coral
reef ecosystems.

Scientists, resource managers and others involved in research in the
marine sciences are eligible to apply as individuals or as teams.
Project Managers or Principal Investigators must oversee all field work
through the production of project reports and policy recommendations.
Professionals from any nationality, for work in any regional area, are
eligible to apply.

Field-based projects which address a broad range of questions and issues
related to coral reef ecosystems are encouraged, e.g.:

ï Studies of the causes, effects and mitigation of coral bleaching
ï Projects that test and monitor different approaches to the sustainable
management  of   coral reefs
ï Investigations of the impacts of coastal land use and development on
reef ecosystems
ï Projects that test innovative approaches to enhancing stocks of
threatened or endangered reef species
ï Studies that involve the groundtruthing of remotely sensed data on the
status and health of coral reefs
ï Basic research on reef biology, ecology and ichthyology

Grants range from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on project length and
number of volunteer participants involved.  Typical projects might
employ 4 to 8 volunteers, from different professions, each on 3 to 6
sequential teams over several months.  Project teams normally spend 7 to
15 days in the field as most participants are on leave from their
professional organisations.  Preliminary proposals for field work should
be submitted 1 year in advance of the anticipated field work, and will
be responded to within 30 days.  Full proposals, if invited, will be
peer reviewed.

All correspondence should be directed to:

Lotus Vermeer
Program Director, Earth and Marine Sciences

The Center For Field Research at Earthwatch Institute
3 Clock Tower Place, Suite 100,  Box 75,  Maynard,  MA 01754
Tel. (978) 461-0081 x129  Fax  (978) 461-2332   Toll Free (800) 776-0188

E-mail:  lvermeer at

World Wide Web:

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