s96008249 at usp.ac.fj s96008249 at usp.ac.fj
Tue Nov 14 16:41:53 EST 2000

Hi All Coral-listers,

I am having problems in trying to distinguish holes made by urchins 
on my experimental substrate. I am trying to do point-count using a 
software and don't know what actually to look for.

There are grooves as well as holes on the substrate. This substrate 
was brought in from the field after 3 months of urchin exposure. I 
have to do the point count inorder to assess the %grazed 
and/or bored. Hence, take these values to work out the bioerosion 
rates of the slabs.

I wonder if dyeing the slabs would be of any help.

Your immediate assistance will be appreciated.

Subhashni Appana.

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