Annalena Schiller annalena_s at
Tue Nov 14 07:06:07 EST 2000

My name is Annalena Schiller and I am a German student at the IfM
(Institute of Marine Research) in Kiel. Currently I am looking for a place
where I could write my thesis. My main subjects are Fisheries Biology and
Aquaculture and I would like to write about artificial reefs. It would be
from April/May next year on.

I have research diving experience from a 3 months work experience at
Leigh Marine Laboratories (University of Auckland), New Zealand.

LANGUAGES: English +++ and Spanish ++ (and German, of course)

If you happen to know any people who work on artificial reef projects or
if you happen to be one of those people yourself, would you be so kind and
let me know?

Kind regards, Annalena

annalena_s at

P.S. Please respond directly to me instead of to the list.

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