Potential Bleaching expands

DAVID_A_GULKO at exec.state.hi.us DAVID_A_GULKO at exec.state.hi.us
Tue Jul 24 22:03:06 EDT 2001

    In response to your request for feedback regarding the bleaching
situation in the north central Pacific, specifically your suggestion that
warm water may be showing signs of development west of Midway, the Hawaii
Department of Land & Natural Resources will be mounting a coral
reef-focused expedition to Kure Atoll (slightly west of Midway) next month.
We'll specifically look for any evidence of bleaching while we're there; we
currently plan to place long-term temperature recorders adjacent to living
reef structures both within the lagoon and on the outside slope of the
atoll.  The NMFS and NOS will also have a number of vessels operating
throughout the NWHI at this same time making observations regarding the
status of reef resources; hopefully between all our efforts we can gain a
clearer picture if any actual events are occurring up there.

    - Dave Gulko

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Subject: Potential Bleaching expands
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Date:    7/24/01  3:53 AM


       From our HotSpot charts and Bleaching Indices that updated
       using information our satellite obtained during the past
       weekend, we
       observe the following changes in the present bleaching

       *Okinawa -- increased SSTs (approaching 32 deg C in some areas)
       Saipan/Guam -- staying more to the north in the Northern
       Midway - still showing signs of development from the west
       Palmyra - new area just west of the Line Islands
       Bahamas - SSTs increasing to the west of Great Exuma over the


       Feedback appreciated...


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