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Hiroya Yamano hyamano at nies.go.jp
Mon Feb 9 02:40:15 EST 2004

Dear coral-listers

Forwarded message for Dr. Hironobu Kan (kan at cc.okayama-u.ac.jp).

Dear All,

   For the 10th International Coral Reef Symposium, we are planning to have 
17 Scientific Excursions (6 for pre-symposium trips, 6 for post-symposium 
trips and 5 for day trips). The deadline of the registration is 31 January 
for scientific excursions. However, we do not have many registrations at a 
moment, then, many trips are in the critical situation to holding.
   The excursions are planned by scientists to show the specific sites that 
we cannot visit in sightseeing trips. We are planning to hire boat or plane 
to make the special trips. Please visit our web site 
(http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/) for the information and registration.
   We are going to extend the registration deadline until the 29 February. 
The deadline of the payment for the scientific excursion is 29 February as 
We hope to meet you in excursion trips before/after the symposium.

10 ICRS Organizing Committee
Scientific Excursion Division,
Hironobu Kan

1) For B-3 Trip, please send the questionnaire sheet to the trip leader by 
29 February to fix your reservation. The sheet is available at:
2) We cannot accept any more booking for A-6 because it becomes full.

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