[Coral-List] ** Coral-Literature: a new service for Coral-List subscribers **

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Thu May 20 09:07:38 EDT 2004

   Coral-Literature: A new service for Coral-List subscribers
        As we're all aware, it can be very difficult to keep track of new
   research  publications.   Many  of  us  either don't have time to keep
   updated  or  simply  don't  have access to the journals or abstracting
   databases.    To   help   the  coral  reef  community  share  research
   publications,  we are launching a new service for Coral-Listers called
   Coral-Literature.   This  list  will  be  administered by NOAA's Coral
   Health and Monitoring Program, who also manage Coral-List.

        If  you've  just  published  a  new  paper,  you can send a short
   description  to the this new list and provide details on how to obtain
   a  copy.   This  could  involve  replying  to  the  author directly or
   providing a web address where the article can be downloaded.

        To  subscribe  and  unsubscribe  from  this  list, follow similar
   guidelines as for Coral-List, but visit instead:
        Note  that you may wish to subscribe using the "digest" option if
   announcements become too frequent for you each day.
   General Guidelines on Posting to Coral-Literature

        1)  The message should include a short explanation or abstract of
   the new research.  Please only post papers published from 2003 onward.

        2)  Give  the  full  citation  of  authors, year, title, journal,
   volume,  page  numbers and other necessary referencing notations.  The
   same format as for the journal Coral Reefs would be helpful.

        3)  Indicate  how  to  obtain  a  copy.   This  could be either a
   statement  like  "Please  email  me directly to receive a PDF" or "The
   article can be downloaded for free at

        4)  Send your announcement to the list after you've subscribed to
   the service.  Like Coral-List, subscribers should not send attachments
   to the list.  So, please do not send PDFs, figures or documents to the
   list--if you do, the message will not be circulated.

        5)  It is the responsibility of the person sending the message to
   ensure  that copyright restrictions on the paper are not violated.  We
   can not assume any liability if your publisher does not approve of the
   posting,  so  check  with your publisher first!  Please note that some
   publishers  require written permission before you can place a PDF of a
   paper  on your website.  In many instances it may be simpler to invite
   subscribers  to  contact you personally (e.g., by e-mail) to receive a

       We hope you find this new service useful.
       Sincerely yours,

       Jim Hendee
       CHAMP Administrator
       Pete Mumby
       ISRS Corresponding Secretary
       Louis Florit
       Systems Administrator
       Linda Pikula


   1. http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/mailman/listinfo/coral-literature
   2. http://www.mywebsite.com/mypaper

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