[Coral-List] keeping Pocillopora damicornis in aquaria

Steven Dalton sdalton at nmsc.edu.au
Tue May 25 21:19:48 EDT 2004

Hi, i am currently trying to maintain several coral species in aquaria for 
laboratory experiment, which will include disease assessments tests such 
and infection mode, temperature and nutrient experiments.  Currently the 
corals have been located in outside poly tanks that are supplied by sand 
filtered seawater, with air stones in each tank.  The acropora and 
turbinaria colonies seem ok with the change of address, however, several of 
the Pocillopora damicornis colonies are initially bleaching followed by 
tissue sloughing of from many regions of the colony.
These colonies appeared ok for two weeks with normal coloring and polyps 
extended.  Following this period initially two colonies bleached and tissue 
loss was observed.  Within one week all six colonies showed signs of stress 
and tissue loss is continuing.
The water temperature of the tanks are generally between 20-22 degrees C, 
and i am not sure why P. damicornis are dying.  Can anyone suggest anything 
that we may be able to do to maintain this species, or recommend any papers 
which give a good description of method of keeping this species in aquaria?

Steven Dalton
PhD student
National Marine Science Centre
Bay Drive, Charlesworth Bay
(PO Box J321)
Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia 2450
sdalton at nmsc.edu.au

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