[Coral-List] Haemulon flavolineatum growth literature

bjorn bouwmeester bjornhilo at hotmail.com
Mon May 30 20:44:25 EDT 2005

   Hi,  I'm  looking for grey literature on Haemulon flavolineatum or the
   French  grunt. I'm specifically looking for data on age and growth and
   survivorship.  There  are  several  reports  out there for H. plumieri
   (white)  and  H.  scirius  (bluestriped)  ,  but I'm interested in the
   french  grunt  so  that  I may compare my findings to those from other
   places. This type of literature is scarce under an abstract search. If
   you  know  of a reference and especially if it's in an electronic form
   please  post the citation or you may contact me using bjornhilo on the
   gmail.com for electronic mail.
   Bjorn Bouwmeester

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