[Coral-List] Post-doctoral position available: Functional Genomics of cnidarian-zooxanthellae symbiosis

Denis.ALLEMAND at unice.fr Denis.ALLEMAND at unice.fr
Tue Dec 12 10:32:57 EST 2006

Post doctoral position available in Nice-Sophia Antipolis University 
Field: Functional Genomics of cnidarian-zooxanthellae symbiosis

A full time Post-Doctoral position funded by the ANRJC project 
« AGESYMAR » on a functional genomics approach of cnidarian symbiosis 
is available for 22 months starting on February 1st, 2007 in the team 
« Marine Symbiosis » leaded by Prof. Denis Allemand at the University 
of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

Project Description:
Symbiosis is a fascinating process of mutual benefits involving a 
molecular dialogue between two partners and requiring special 
adaptations for an intimate life in association (see for review Furla 
et al. (2005) Integrative Comp. Biol. 45 (4): 595–604). The 
Cnidarian–Dinoflagellate endosymbiosis is interesting for several 
reasons: the fact that Cnidarians are basal metazoans, the ecological 
importance of coral reefs and the large scale disturbance of this 
ecosystem called coral bleaching. Our group is studying cnidarian 
symbiosis using a sea anemone as a model system and microarray 
expression profiling to identify genes and cellular pathways involved 
in host-zooxanthellae interactions. The main objectives of the program 
are to identify genes involved in symbiosis formation and breakdown and 
to characterize their expression and function in vitro and in vivo.

Use of real-time RT-PCR, Race-PCR, DNA microarray, general molecular 

Experiences and Skills:
PhD in biological sciences. Experience in molecular biology (among 
which quantitative PCR is essential) with special emphasis on RNA 
technologies and bioinformatics (including microarray analysis). 
Experience with marine models would be appreciated.

Application Deadline:
Applications will be accepted until 31th December 2006 or until the 
position is filled. Applications will be reviewed and interviews will 
be done in January 2007 until a suitable candidate is identified. The 
final decision will be taken on 15 th January 2007.

Interested applicants should submit a letter of intent, a summary of 
previous research experience, a curriculum vitae with a full list of 
publications/patents, and the contact information of three references 

Dr Cécile Sabourault
Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis
UMR UNSA – INRA 1112 « Réponses des Organismes aux Stress 
Environnementaux (ROSE) »
Facultés des Sciences
Parc Valrose
F-06108 Nice cedex 09

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