[Coral-List] ASLO session: Applications of Remote Sensing Deata in Coastal Waters

Varis Ransi varis.ransi at noaa.gov
Fri Jan 6 09:52:20 EST 2006

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If you have relevant work regarding the applications of remote sensing 
data in coastal waters, we invite you to submit an abstract to session 
TS-E07 (below) at the ASLO Meeting in British Columbia in June 2006.   
http://aslo.org/meetings/victoria2006/topical.html   Please note that 
ASLO will not provide reimbursement for any expenses or registration 
costs.  Abstract submission deadline is January 20, 2006.  We hope you 
can fit this to your busy schedule.

*TS-E07 - Applications of Remote Sensing Data in Coastal Waters*

Studies of processes in the coastal areas are complex. However, 
understanding the processes in the coastal areas are the most useful, 
and with various applications to everyday activities. Even with all the 
advances in observations, sensors and logistics, it is expensive and a 
large undertaking to take synoptic data for a reasonable size coastal 
region. However, with the advent of remote sensing techniques, either by 
aircraft or satellites, we are able to take measurements in a large 
coastal area for a short period of time (almost synoptic). The processes 
of interest are physical and biogeochemical. These processes are also 
interdependent and interacting. For example, water properties in an 
estuary may be a function of river runoff, while the salinity will 
depend on the tidal current. Wind actions cause stirring, increasing 
turbidity. Satellite airborne sensors can measure or derive sea surface 
temperature, surface winds, surface roughness, surface heights, and 
ocean color. Ocean color sensors have the most varied applications 
particularly in coastal waters where there are different substances 
present in the water. Papers in all aspects of the application of remote 
sensing data in coastal waters are welcome.

Organizers: Celso S. Barrientos, Office of Research and Applications, 
NOAA/NESDIS, celso.s.barrientos at noaa.gov 
<mailto:celso.s.barrientos at noaa.gov>, Varis Ransibrahmanucul, Center for 
Coastal Monitoring and Assessment, NOAA/NOS, varis.ransi at noaa.gov 
<mailto:varis.ransi at noaa.gov>, and Douglas E. Pirhalla, NOAA, 
doug.pirhalla at noaa.gov <mailto:doug.pirhalla at noaa.gov>

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