[Coral-List] Fluorescence adapter for stereomicroscopes

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Fri Jan 6 16:34:48 EST 2006

Dear listers, 
Under a NOAA-funded program to develop tools to aid coral recruitment research I have come up with a simple, low-cost approach to making a fluorescence adapter for stereomicroscopes. The intent is to do this in a way that will be adaptabe to a very wide range of stereomicroscopes, of as many makes, models, and ages as possible, so that you don't need to go out and buy new microscopes. The initial prototype seems to work well. It is not as fully functional as an adapter with sliding filter cubes, etc., but does provide good illumination for many tasks. And it provides both white-light and fluorescence excitation illumination. 
As I move toward a final design, in order to make this as universal as possible I am soliciting input from anyone who might be interested in such an adapter as to the relevant dimensions of your existing stereomicroscopes. To avoid responses taking up list bandwidth, I have created a simple web form that you can fill in to provide a few pieces of information, and to let me know if you are interested in being informed when the adapter is ready to be distributed. The web page is at http://www.nightsea.com/smic.htm . 
Thanks in advance for any responses. 
Charlie Mazel

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