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Fri Jun 9 04:29:09 EDT 2006

Dear All,

www.conservationevidence.com is a non-profit website which collates evidence 
on the effectiveness of conservation management practice. A major aim of the 
site is to provide a means for practitioners (such as wardens, site managers 
and conservation volunteers) to document their experiences on the 
effectiveness of different management techniques. It is hoped that this will 
then enable those involved in species or habitat management to improve 
conservation practice by learning lessons from each other.

One way to collate this evidence is for individuals and organisations to 
submit case studies or ‘cases’ via www.conservationevidence.com.  It need 
not be complicated and each of the main sections (Background, Action and 
Consequences) could comprise just a few sentences.  For the case to be 
useful for others, there has to be some information on the consequences of 
the action. This could be, for example: the effect of establishing a no-take 
MPA on fish populations; or coral recruitment on an artificial reef 

At present, there are very few tropical marine case studies on the site, and 
all that are on the site are from published journals. We are very keen to 
add more marine cases, particularly from practitioner experience, as there 
is a wealth of knowledge and experience in tropical marine conservation that 
remains unpublished.

This is a good opportunity to benefit global conservationists by sharing 
experience gained from your conservation project. We welcome information on 
the effectiveness of what may appear to be routine management – there is 
often remarkably little information. Those interested in adding information 
can either add the information directly to the website or contact myself 
k.abernethy at uea.ac.uk, for advice and assistance.

Kirsten Abernethy

School of Biological Sciences
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ
United Kingdom

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