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Yuri Latypov ltpv at stl.ru
Sun Jun 18 05:05:21 EDT 2006

Dear Listers,


The field handbook "The common corals of Vietnam" is published.

Latypov Yu. Ya. The common corals of Vietnam: field handbook. - Vladivostok: 

Far Eastern National University Press, 2006. - 144pp., fig. 8, color photos 98. (cost $6)


In the book are described the majority (96 species) common of reef building corals found in waters of Vietnam. Color underwater photos with brief descriptions enable to determine a specific belonging of corals, which also are distributed on reefs of all tropical zone of Pacific and Indian ocean. This guide is interested for use by coralists, tourists, students, and people which are were interested in the underwater world.

Yuri Latypov

email: ltpv at stl.ru





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