[Coral-List] sexy scientist comments

Paul Sanchez-Navarro paulsn at ceakumal.org
Fri Mar 10 13:06:49 EST 2006

Just wanted to add that another reason you don't see too many scientists as charismatic personalities is because most societies don't want to acknowledge the findings being presented on what is happening to our ecosystems, water, food supplies, top soils, marine resources, or the planet's species. This is even greater if the findings may demonstrate something that questions the current irrational use of natural resources, or if the scientist or the science does not help support the political opinions of current ruling capitalist political-economies.  
  The struggle to define a process that might help us understand and live within the limits of our planet should not be so difficult, but as long as the well-being of life (humans and other species) is not a main goal this will remain precisely that - a struggle.  This is why we (the non-scientist environmentalist and the scientist) must continue to work together, there may not be enough time for a scientist to do impeccable research and then lobby it, nor should the science be alone.  So, thanks to the great work of so many scientists we move forward, just gotta figure out how to have greater impact in changing human behaviour in less time. 

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