[Coral-List] AGU Fall Meeting -- Tropical Cyclone-Climate Interactions on All Time Scales

Ruben van Hooidonk rubski at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 14:50:32 EDT 2006


I'd like to inform the list of an exciting session at the AGU fall
meeting 2006, abstracts on the interaction of coral reefs, climate and
tropical cyclones are welcome.

U11: Tropical Cyclone-Climate Interactions on All Time Scales

Description:    Strong linkages have been proposed between regional and
global climate variability and tropical cyclone activity. Particularly
controversial is the proposal that the Atlantic Multidecadal
Oscillation (AMO) is the major climatological regulator of North
Atlantic tropical cyclone activity. Understanding how modes of climate
variability - both natural and anthropogenic - relate to tropical
cyclone activity is critical for detecting and quantifying potential
anthropogenic influences and projecting future changes in hurricane
activity. We solicit studies further examining the dynamics and
phenomenology of these linkages both within a modern climate context
and within the context of the long term evolution of the Earth System.
New results, either from models, data, or proxy data, demonstrating
potential physical or biological feedbacks between climate and
tropical cyclones are encouraged.

More information can be found on the AGU website:


Ruben van Hooidonk
Purdue University

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