[Coral-List] request for assistance on literature non-extractive impacts on coral reef ecosystems

Manoj Shivlani mshivlani at rsmas.miami.edu
Wed Sep 27 09:19:05 EDT 2006

Dear Coral-List subscribers,


I am conducting background research on non-extractive contributions of
stress to coral reef ecosystems, including diving, snorkeling, boating, and
other anthropogenic sources of stress, and I kindly request your assistance
in identifying any literature that you may have in your possession or for
which you may have a reference that relates to the following:


1.  Diving/snorkeling activity impacts/effects on corals reefs and related

2.  Boating and other vessel activity impacts/effects on coral reefs and
related environments;

3.  General studies on diving/snorkeling in coral reefs and related
environments (including research in the number of divers/snorkelers at
sites, trends in diving/snorkeling, etc.); and,

4.  General studies on coastal and marine visitation in areas that contain
coral reefs and related environments.


Studies that have been conducted but not published and other grey literature
or references would be equally helpful, and as the scope of my research is
global, I could use material from all parts of the world.  Also, even where
you believe you may have or know of a study that only meets some of the
criteria (ex. a study on the effects of spear fishing on coral reefs, where
only the diving aspect fits the requirements), I would welcome such


Thank you for your attention,

Manoj Shivlani


Manoj Shivlani
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