[Coral-List] Chlorophyll Fluorescence with the WALZ Diving PAM - Request for Suggestions

Jeremy J. Sofonia jeremy at sofonia.com
Wed Apr 4 09:27:39 EDT 2007

Dear Coral-List,

My colleagues and I are currently preparing to use PAM - chlorophyll  
fluorometry as a method of detecting potential sub-lethal affects to  
Scleractinian corals.  In this, we may have up to 300 individual  
colonies across multiple locations.  My concerns at this stage  
primarily involve the dark adaptation of so many individual  
colonies.  Literature research, so far has shown that timeframes for  
dark adaptation may range from hours to minutes, to no adaptation  
whatsoever.  My previous experience using PAM is fairly limited,  
mostly in laboratory conditions where we could just flick the switch.

- Can anyone who is familiar with in situ PAM assessment provide a  
suggestion on typical time requirements for dark adaptation?
- Is dark adaptation a requirement or can other levels of YIELD still  
provide an good indication of photosynthesis, fluorescence, and/ or  
coral stress?
- Any tricks for dark adapting colonies of various morphologies?  Sizes?

We're working our way through our sampling design, but I thought that  
tapping the expertise of 'The List' may be a good idea.  Any  
assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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