[Coral-List] Coral cell culture

Natalia Jimenez natalia7ivonne at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Apr 5 11:08:32 EDT 2007

Dear Coral-list Members:
  I am trying to establish a coral cell culture using DMEM, GMIM and M199 mediums for my thesis, but I have some questions about it, I would like to know if the coral cell can survive without the zooxanthella in those mediums and whether there is a technique to separate the zooxanthella from the coral cell without damage the last one (inhibition of the photosynthesis process by darkness could be a possibility?). I also would like to know which pH is the best for the culture and a likely treatment to isolate the coral cell from the zooxanthella after separation.
  I would appreciate very much if someone can help me with some information about those items.
  Thank you in advance.
  Kind regards.
  Natalia Ivonne Vera Jiménez
  Marine Biologist (UJTL, Colombia)
  MSc Animal Sciences student (WUR, The Netherlands)

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