[Coral-List] Range of reef fishes?

Lad Akins Lad at reef.org
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Hi Lorenzo and listers,

Sorry for the delay in this response.

Regarding your posting looking for the ranges of tropical reef fish, you may
also want to check out the Reef Environmental Education Foundation's
(REEF's) on-line database at http://www.reef.org/data/database.htm

REEF's fish survey project was developed as a volunteer survey program
patterned after the successful birding programs of Audubon, Cornell, etc.
Surveys of fish (and inverts on the US west coast) are conducted by
volunteer divers and snorkelers during regular recreational dives and
entered submitted via computer scannable form or entered on-line at
http://www.reef.org/dataentry/login.php   Data are QA/QC at REEF HQ before
passing into the publicly accessible database which now contains more than
100,000 individual surveys.  Data are currently being collected from
throughout the Tropical Western Atlantic, coastal North America, the
Tropical Eastern Pacific and Hawaii.  Data are separated by experience level
of observer and a number of standard reports, including distribution
reports, (e.g.. from TWA region at
http://www.reef.org/data/twa/species.shtml) are available free of charge on
the website.  In addition, the entire dataset or portions thereof may be
requested free of charge by researchers in need of more specific

Numerous peer reviewed publications and researchers have and are using this
information, summaries or .pdfs of which can be downloaded from the
scientific papers section of the REEF site at

The REEF Fish Survey Project was initiated to answer just the kind of
question you are asking.

I hope this info helps.  Please feel free to e-mail with any data requests
or specific questions to either Christy Semmens, REEF Director of Science -
Christy at reef.org,  or Joseph Cavanaugh, REEF Director of Field Operations -
Joe at reef.org.  For general information on the REEF organization or programs
contact Leda Cunningham, REEF's Executive Director - Leda at reef.org

Much thanks for the opportunity to provide the info!


Lad Akins
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Dear listers,

I am looking for sources that includes information about the geographic
range of tropical reef fishes, I know the splendid work of Ross Robertson
and Gerald Allen for the tropical eastern pacific, but I don't know if
similar resources are available for other regions (e.g. Caribbean,

I'll appreciate any information that you can give to me.

Many thanks, Lorenzo

Lorenzo Alvarez-Filip
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia
Email: l.alvarez at uea.ac.uk
       lorenzoalvarezf at yahoo.com

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