[Coral-List] cultural significance of coral reefs in Hawai`i

Mark Heckman mheckman at waquarium.org
Thu Apr 26 16:15:01 EDT 2007

   This  is  actually  quick a large topic area. I see that Sara Peck has
   given you some leads.
   You  might take a look at a paper on TEK and GIS done in the late 90's
   by  Mark  Calamia,  see: "Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge
   with  Scientific Tools for Managing Hawaii's Coral Reefs"  for a quick
   overview. CURRENT/ Vol 14, No. 2, 1997. Sounds similar to what you are
   You   could  check  with  Sylvia  Spaulding  of  the  Western  Pacific
   Management  Council  -  they  have  been  collecting  TEK (Traditional
   Ecological  Knowledge)  mostly  relating to fishing, but that is often
   not separated from the coral reef. Try: [1]Sylvia.Spalding at noaa.gov
   And  of course it is always worth it to browse through Robert Johannes
   work in this area. See:
   Mark Heckman
   Director of Education
   Waikiki Aquarium/ University of Hawaii-Manoa

At 11:56 PM 4/24/2007, Miguel Castrence wrote:


I'm doing some exploratory research on the cultural significance of
coral reefs, particularly in Hawai`i. I'm aware that the coral is
mentioned in the origins of life in the Kumulipo, but I'd like to know
if there were any cultural perspectives and practices that were specific
to coral reef management. Would anyone happen to know of any relevant


Miguel Castrence
Department of Geography
University of Hawai`i at Manoa
[3]miguel.castrence at hawaii.edu
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