[Coral-List] Job Announcement- Hypoxia and Harmful Algal Bloom Program Specialist

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Tue Aug 7 13:33:04 EDT 2007


   I.M.  Systems Group, Inc. (IMSG) has a job available for a Hypoxia and
   Harmful  Algal Bloom Program Specialist to work at the NOAA Center for
   Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research (CSCOR) in Silver Spring, Maryland.

   If  your are interested in applying for this postion, please send your
   resume to [1]jobs at imsg.com as indicated below in the job description.

   Thank you,
   IMSG Human Resources

   I.M.  Systems  Group, Inc. (IMSG) [2]www.imsg.com is looking to hire a
   Hypoxia   and  Harmful  Algal  Bloom  Program  Specialist  to  provide
   leadership, oversight, and vision in advancing knowledge and reporting
   accomplishments from CSCOR research programs authorized by the Harmful
   Algal  Bloom  and  Hypoxia  Research  and  Control Act (HABHRCA).  The
   successful  candidate  will  be responsible for devising mechanisms to
   facilitate  information  and  technology transfer to water quality and
   resource managers, and for collating and reporting project outputs and
   management-based  outcomes  in  harmful  algal bloom (HAB) and hypoxia
   research  that  are  compliant  with  performance-related requirements
   stemming from the Government Performance and Results Act.

   This position will be located in the NOAA Center for Sponsored Coastal
   Ocean  Research  (CSCOR)  in  the  National  Centers for Coastal Ocean
   Science  (NCCOS),  National  Ocean  Service  (NOS),  in Silver Spring,

   Job Duties and Responsibilities:


   ·          Produce  a  strategic  planning document that describes the
   protocol  for  collating program outcomes for Office of Management and
   Budget (OMB) reporting.

   ·         Develop the management based outcome report for OMB.

   ·          Coordinate workshops on HABs and hypoxia that might include
   the   following:   Regional  Workshop  for  Harmful  Algal  Blooms  in
   California  Coastal  Waters, developing the Implementation Plan for an
   Operational  Observation  System  to Improve Monitoring of the Gulf of
   Mexico  Hypoxic  Zone,  and  regional Ecosystem Prediction Workshop to
   Coordinate  Hypoxia  Research in the Gulf of Mexico, and Gulf of Maine
   HAB Research to Operations workshop.

   ·         Produce reports from above workshops.

   ·          Assist with development of HAB and hypoxia reports required

   ·          Develop  web  pages  for  HABHRCA legislation, HAB programs
   (ECOHAB, MERHAB, PCM, RDDTT), and hypoxia programs (NGOMEX, CHRP)

   ·          Produce Fact Sheets describing HABHRCA legislation, and HAB
   and hypoxia programs.

   ·           Produce   newsletter   articles   and  press  releases  on
   HABHRCA-related    activities,    and    HAB   and   hypoxia   program
·         Coordination and oversight of CSCOR's HAB and hypoxia program perform
ance planning, monitoring, and reporting activities.
·         Contribute to short and long-term strategic planning for the HAB and
hypoxia research areas.

   Job Requirements:

   ·          Knowledge  of  the  principles,  theories, and practices of
   research on HABs and hypoxia.

   ·          Ability  to  develop  highly  technical  reports of program
   accomplishments and management applications.

   ·          Knowledge  of  the  performance  and accountability related
   requirements incumbent on federal agencies.

   ·         Experience with program planning and performance evaluation.

   ·          Ability  to  coordinate  and  lead  workshops for advancing
   strategic goals.

   ·          Experience with developing outreach and related information
   on project outcomes.

   ·         Experience with website organization and maintenance.

   ·          Excellent  writing,  editing, and oral communication skills
   and  the  ability to effectively disseminate information to scientific
   and lay audiences

   ·          Ability  to  interact  with diverse individuals and groups,
   including  a  wide range of stakeholders, the HAB and hypoxia research
   and management communities, and Congress.

   ·          Bachelor's Degree in marine science, biology, environmental
   policy, or a related field.

   ·         Preference will be given to candidates that have 5+ years of
   experience in the areas of harmful algal blooms and/or hypoxia.

   ·         Master's degree in a related field is desirable.

   To Apply:

   Please  send  your  resume  and  three  references  in  word format to
   [3]jobs at imsg.com  with  the  following  subject  heading:   NOA07027 -
   Hypoxia and HAB Program Specialist.    


   Salary for this position is 60-70k.  IMSG offers an excellent benefits
   package  including  company  paid medical/dental benefits, three weeks
   vacation and tuition reimbursement.

   IMSG is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



   1. mailto:jobs at imsg.com
   2. http://www.imsg.com/
   3. mailto:jobs at imsg.com

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