[Coral-List] Cause N Effect

Kalli De Meyer kdm at telbonet.an
Wed Aug 15 22:18:32 EDT 2007

Hi Flo

Awesome idea. Consider looking at the existing volunteer programmes and
introducing an efficient vetting process. This will increase park
willingness to take on students 'blind' and will definitely improve the

Consider extending the programme beyond strict science students doing
scientific projects - which is what your posting seems to imply. If your aim
is to really increase the ability of the parks to do their job, they also
need assistance with outreach, communication, human resource management,
governance, administrative systems, policy and legal issues (to name but a
few) as well as reef surveys. All of these could be very well served by
student interns from other disciplines.

Just some thoughts

Kalli De Meyer
Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance

On 8/15/07 5:29 PM, "florence depondt" <fdepondt at hotmail.com> wrote:

> We are in the process of setting up a non-profit organization called Cause N
> Effect that aims to link college, university and graduate students with
> Marine Protected Areas around the world. The idea is to help qualified
> students find the internship that they need while helping Marine Protected
> Areas complete key studies. This will be a free service, with the unique
> goal of helping MPAs develop a sound scientific information base.
> Students interested in a specific research project will be required to fill
> in a short application form. This information will be sent to the relevant
> MPA, who will then decide which student is best fitted to their project
> needs.
> Cause N Effect will then step away and let the MPA and the student work out
> the logistics of the internship. We will have no involvement with the actual
> completion of the internship. We just help find the right fit between a
> student and an MPA.
> If you are a Marine Protected Area in need of assistance to complete one or
> several scientific projects and would like help from Cause N Effect to find
> students who could carry out the work, please email us at
> <causeffect at hotmail.com>. Any comments and ideas are also welcome. Our
> website will be up and running shortly.

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