[Coral-List] Opportunity to get involved with the Chumbe Island project

Conservation_Chumbe chumbe at zitec.org
Fri Dec 21 05:15:15 EST 2007

Dear all,

There is an opportunity to work with the Conservation and Education Programmes for Chumbe Island Coral Park. Please see the job description below.

If you are interested, please contact me at chumbe at zitec.org as soon as possible.

Kind regards, Frida Lanshammar

Ms. Frida Lanshammar
Conservation Co-ordinator
Chumbe Island Coral Park
P.O. Box 3203 - Zanzibar / Tanzania
Phone/Fax: +255 (0)24 2231040
Mobile:      +255 (0)752 995899
Fax UK:     +44 (0)870 1341284


Job Description:


·         to oversee the management of the marine park/coral reef and the protected coral rag forest on Chumbe Island in relation to conservation, research, records, training of staff and outreach.

·         to assist Project Manager, Lodge Manager and Maintenance Manager where necessary

·         to take action to improve/enhance facilities where possible

·         to undertake purchase and acquisition of necessary items (within the budget), including seeking suitable materials/items, in collaboration with Head ranger, Island-based Education co-ordinator and Project manager 

·         to support maintenance/ordering of equipment, in collaboration with the technical and lodge managers

·         to interact with guests on the island, meet and greet, ensure needs are met and represent the management of Chumbe where required, and be a friendly face.

·         to represent Chumbe nationally and internationally when required, primarily with regards to conservation/education related workshops/conferences.


Rangers department:

  a.. to manage and develop island ranger department in co-operation with the Head Ranger and ranger team 
  b.. to implement training and capacity building of the ranger department in all areas: poacher control; patrolling scheduling; guiding of visitors; research assistance; monitoring skills; scientific training; Schools programmes 
  c.. to design and implement classes going back to roots of science - refresher and reminder courses 
  d.. to design and implement exams where necessary with regards to the above 
  e.. to hire/fire where necessary within the ranger department, on collaboration with Project Manager


  a.. to be responsible for any island based researchers 
  b.. to complete all CHICOP conservation/research/science-related activities, including monitoring of the reef and forest areas (e.g. reef and seagrass monitoring programmes, duiker monitoring, bleaching,  COTs etc)  
  c.. to report on research and monitoring activities where required, both internally and externally


  a.. to liaise with Fisheries and Forestry departments in the government of Zanzibar, in collaboration with the Head ranger and Project Manager 
  b.. to co-ordinate rangers reports to the Department of Fisheries 
  c.. to liaise with community groups - schedule meetings where required with fishermen, initiate bi-annual Advisory Committee meetings etc. 
  d.. to design and implement outreach programmes to local communities

Communication and out-reach:

  a.. to answer all conservation/research/science related e-mails 
  b.. to communicate with the various international and national conservation/science organisations (WIOMSA, SEACAM, CORDIO etc.) 
  c.. to take initiative for local, regional and national PR with concerns to Chumbe

Education Programme:

  a.. to assist the island-based education programme co-ordinator in the implementation of the education programmes on Chumbe, in collaboration with the Project Manager 
  b.. to plan, prepare and make all arrangements for local school trips to the island 
  c.. to plan and assist with educational trips to the island for international student groups 
  d.. to produce regular reports about the education programme and to distribute these reports to relevant institutions and organisations both locally, regionally and internationally 
  e.. to apply for funding for the EE programme and to produce reports to donors in collaboration with Project Manager and CHICOP accountant


  a.. Gross salary of 400 US$ per month 
  b.. Accommodation provided in the office or equivalent 
  c.. Health insurance provided 
  d.. 1 return flight provided


  a.. Degree in marine biology with an interest in coral reefs and/or forestry 
  b.. Diving qualification


  a.. Marine conservation 
  b.. Research and monitoring skills 
  c.. Training experience 
  d.. Environmental education 

Other specifications:

  a.. Swahili speaker or good at languages

Working hours:  Five working days / week. Usually 2 days per week on the island, 3 days in the office. 


Information about the project can be found on www.chumbeisland.com

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