[Coral-List] coral and anemones histology

Mathieu POULICEK mpoulicek at ulg.ac.be
Thu Feb 8 03:14:22 EST 2007

Bonjour à tous,

Two students are beginning a thesis under my supervision that will need 
histological and cytological observations on coral and anemone tissues. 
They looked for references of papers dealing with a, quite recent, 
description of cnidaria cells under electronic microscopy and found very 
few data (except some references to works about bleaching for example).
Most figures are from "classical" histology slides and are several decades old.
Did they make a good search or did they miss key papers ?  Is there a book 
describing such data ?
Perhaps somebody on the list, already working in that field could give us 
some advice and indicate some key references.
If this is of interest for other users, I can post later a brief summary of 

Have a nice day,
Bonne journee à tous,



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