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Hellen Faus Gallejones personal at hellenfaus.com
Fri Jan 19 14:04:57 EST 2007

Hi to all and Happy New Year!!!


I'd like to let you know that we are starting to offer from our website a
special part referring to VOLUNTEERING TRAVEL for our Spanish users (in

We'd be very pleased to get any information you may think of interest to let
this kind of travelling (holidays, career breaks, gap years. etc.) be well
known for anyone who wants to put hands on different projects all over the
world, in our case related to the sea care and study, as many of our users
are divers and sea lovers.


Our site www.viajarsolo.com <http://www.viajarsolo.com/>  is a company
dedicated to travel for singles and people who looks for something else with
their time. 


In Spain this kind of travel is not so well know as it is in other
countries, that's why we have made a big effort to promote it, giving all
the information possible, choices and assessment in order to make all more
conscious of the need of helping our planet to take a breath. We've just
came from the Adventure Travel Show in London, where we have seen the big
amount of possibilities in this field and contacted with some of them, but
reinforced the feeling that this is much more to be done in our country.


If you have any project receiving volunteers, or know of someone who does,
do not hesitate to contact me to discuss it further on.

Any idea or suggestion will be also welcome!


Also we'd like to offer a programme on board, in the Mediterranean sea of
study and observation of Cetaceos, from april to july.




Hellen Faus Gallejones

 <http://www.viajarsolo.com/> www.ViajarSolo.com

Avda. tenor fleta 24 - 50.007 zaragoza (SPAIN)

tel. +34 976 279 682 - fax. +34 976 384 383
Movil: +34 658 421 629


 <mailto:hellen at viajarsolo.com> hellen at viajarsolo.com





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