[Coral-List] Area of soft-bottom sediments within coral reef ecosystems

Sam Purkis purkis at nova.edu
Wed Jul 18 14:15:22 EDT 2007

Hi Cassian,

We have worked on issues such as you describe using remote sensing in the 
Arabian Gulf. The work considers the prevalence of different facies units 
in the reef landscape, as well as their complexity and spatial arrangement. 
To a degree, it appears that these properties of the reefscape are 
predictable through the existence of scaling-laws.

The article below may be of interest:

Purkis SJ, Riegl B, Andréfouët S (2005) Remote sensing of geomorphology and 
facies patterns on a modern carbonate ramp (Arabian Gulf, Dubai, U.A.E.). 
Journal of Sedimentary Research 75:861-876
A pdf is available here: 


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>Subject: [Coral-List] Area of soft-bottom sediments within coral reef
>         ecosystems
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>Dear Coral-Listers
>I am trying to find figures for the area occupied by soft-bottom sediments
>contained within coral reef ecosystems.
>For the Great Barrier Reef, from Furnas et al (1995), I have:
>"Reef flat and shallow (<5 m) sand areas are taken as 18 and 33 percent of
>total reef area based upon analysis of LANDSAT MSS imagery".
>If anyone could offer any other similar figures for any reef/system I would
>be grateful.
>Many thanks,
>Cassian Edwards
>Furnas, M, A. W. Mitchell and M. Skuza. 1995. Nitrogen and phosphorus
>budgets for the central Great Barrier Reef shelf, Great Barrier Reef Park
>Authority, 194 pp.
>Cassian Edwards
>School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
>Queen Mary - University of London
>Mile End Road
>E1 4NS
>c.edwards at qmul.ac.uk

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