[Coral-List] New tools for underwater fluorescence research

Charles Mazel mazel at psicorp.com
Fri Jul 20 13:47:28 EDT 2007

This note is to announce the availability of several new tools for 
underwater fluorescence research, designed specifically to aid the study of 
coral recruitment. Probably the most significant is a new dive light that 
enables you to efficiently search for fluorescing recruits and juveniles in 
the daytime without the need to create an artificially dark environment. You 
can see this light at www.nightsea.com/fl5000.htm. Other new items include a 
new underwater magnifier (www.nightsea.com/mum.htm) and fluorescent scale 
bars (www.nightsea.com/scalebars.htm).

These new research tools were developed with the support of NOAA through the 
SBIR program.


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