[Coral-List] Tassled Scorpianfish in Bahamas

Rohde,Jon jrohde at msh.org
Sun Jul 22 10:09:14 EDT 2007

While snorkeling on a shallow reef off North Eleuthera,Bahamas, I
encountered at 1 meter depth a tassled scorpianfish - Scorpaenopsis
oxycephala- (I initially thought he was a stone fish but was wrong).The
tassles on his jaw, and appendages on above his eyes, the coloring
perfectly matching the algae on the surrounding rock/coral all made him
unmistakable.  Sadly, no camera!  I can find no reference to these fish
in the Caribbean.  Can anyone help?

Notably, we have an increasing infestation with Lion fish, allegedly
escapees from a commercial aquarium in Nassau.  They are frequently seen
under ledges and around pilings in our area.  Could the Scorpaenopsis
oxycephala be a similar introduction? 

Jon Rohde, MD
Spanish Wells
North Eleuthera
tel 1-242-333-4039

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