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Dear Coral-listers,

my name is Jessika Giraldi, I have recently completed the equivalent of Master in Marine Biology at University of Pisa in Italy and I would like to continue my studies on Scleractinian corals.
I feel a strong passion for corals and reef systems, and I would like to improve my knowledge on them. My fields of interest are coral taxonomy, ecology (in particular effects of anthropogenic disturbances and global change on coral reef systems) and biogeography.
I’m very motivated and interested to possible opportunities for a graduate work or a PhD, that could be the starting point to bring my little contribute to the safeguarding of this wonderful ecosystem.

I worked  on corals for the first time in 2005 when I collaborated with the University of Pisa to the “Pilot project for the sustainable development of environmental sound management in South Sinai, Sharm el Sheik, Ras Mohammed National Park (Red Sea)” funded by Italian Environmental Ministry. During this collaboration I’ve been involved in studies on the ecology and taxonomy of coral reef organisms and I applied my skills on underwater sampling techniques in a tropical environment. 
I worked in a team consisted of Italian and Egyptian scientists that increased my capacity to work within a group. I used various sampling methods to describe coral reefs: quadrats, photo-quadrats, Point Intercept Transect and Belt Transect.  
I used part of the work done within the project to perform my M.Sc.thesis entitled “Study of spatial distribution of benthic community and bionomic characterization of a coral reef, aimed to the realization of an Underwater Observatory in Marsa Ghoslani bay, South Sinai (Egypt)” under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Cinelli. The results of the study of natural variability of benthic community provide the first step on which set out the Environmental Impact Assessment, while the bionomic and topographic characterization of the site was used to elaborate the building plan of the Observatory.
I acquired my skills on scientific diving during previous experiences in the Mediterranean Sea, I’m a divemaster PADI and I have a professional qualification of Underwater Environmental Technician. I speak currently English and French. 

I’ m really looking forward to receiving any proposal related to my fields of interest and if it’s possible I really appreciate any help for the accommodation.
I thank you in advance for your attention. 

Best regards,                                                                    
                                                                                        Jessika Giraldi

If you need more informations about my curriculum vitae, my thesis or my transcript you can contact directly me, or 
Francesco Cinelli, full professor of ecology at University of Pisa (fcinelli at biologia.unipi.it) 
Stefano Acunto PhD, researcher at University of Pisa (sacunto at biologia.unipi.it).

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