[Coral-List] Join SECORE workshop online!

Dirk Petersen d.petersen at rotterdamzoo.nl
Thu Jul 26 04:45:10 EDT 2007

A team of public aquarium professionals and scientists from Europe and
the USA is about to leave for the 3rd SECORE workshop held from Aug 1-8,
2007 in Puerto Rico. 

Project SECORE (SExual COral REproduction) is a coral reef conservation
initiative of public aquaria aimed at enhancing the cooperation between
aquaria and research institutions to develop and apply coral breeding
techniques. The annual workshop program provides hands-on training for
aquarium professionals. For scientists of various fields, our workshops
provide a unique environment to carry out research with high logistical

We currently focuse on developing appropriate breeding, aquaculture and
cryopreservation techniques for the threatened Elkhorn coral, Acropora
palmata. The SECORE team will collect gametes of the Elkhorn coral
during the mass spawning event of this threatened species; we hope to
rear large quantities of larvae for distributing them to the
participating institutions to further study the recruitment under
aquarium conditions. 

For the first time, you can join the workshop online via the secore
website www.secore.org 
The link on the homepage has been activated yesterday and leads to a
weblog, which will give you an illustrated update of the activities
every day for the duration of the workshop. You are welcome to join the
SECORE team online on this adventure! 

Especially, SECORE members are invited to use the weblog for their
educational program! 

Dr. Dirk Petersen
Coordinator Project SECORE
Rotterdam Zoo, The Netherlands
d.petersen at rotterdamzoo.nl 

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