[Coral-List] Molecular Biologist Position available

Cheryl Woodley cheryl.woodley at noaa.gov
Fri Jul 27 18:48:50 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,
Please distribute to those who may be interested. This is an immediate 

JHT, a government contractor, is seeking a Molecular Biologist to 
support NOAA’s Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular 
Research (CCEHBR) Coral Health and Disease Program conducting research 
on fundamental biological processes in corals at the biochemical, 
cellular and molecular level. The primary purpose of this position is to 
build an improved knowledge base for determining disease mechanisms in 
corals exposed to a variety of environmental stress. Involves a full 
range of professional activities, including the development and 
implementation of plans, projects and methodologies related to genomics 
and proteomics of marine organisms. Develops protocols for specific 
experiments; recommends applicable methods and procedures based on 
review of the scientific literature or on results of previous 
experiments; applies a full range of laboratory methods, procedures and 
techniques applicable to the research area and making minor adaptations 
or modifications, as needed; uses a variety of sophisticated laboratory 
instruments; recognizes potential problems with experimental results; 
draws inferences/conclusions from experimental data; documents findings 
in the form of records and reports that may be used for presentations or 
publications; and communicates effectively both orally and in writing.

The work requires knowledge and expertise in molecular and cell biology 
procedures such as protein purification, 1 & 2-D electrophoresis, 
peptide sequencing, and column chromatography. The work also calls for 
extensive use of procedures such as isolation of genomic and cDNA 
clones, sequencing, genomic DNA mapping, PCR amplification, DNA and RNA 
preparation, southern, western and northern blotting techniques, 
quantitative analysis of protein and RNA, radioactive and no-radioactive 
labeling of DNA, oligonucleonide and RNA fragments analysis, 
autoradiography and immuno-blotting.

Requires professional knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biological 
principles, theories and practices at the level of PhD or MS with a 
minimum of three years work experience and must have knowledge of 
established methodologies sufficient to perform, modify and verify a 
broad range of genetic, biochemical and/or molecular biological analyses.

The weblink to Careerbuilders below has further information about 
eligibility and how to apply.

Cheryl Woodley, Ph.D.
Coral Health and Disease Program

Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research
Hollings Marine Laboratory
331 Fort Johnson Rd
Charleston, SC 29412
843.762.8862 Phone
843.762.8737 Fax
cheryl.woodley at noaa.gov

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