[Coral-List] NOAA Coral Reef Watch's time series data are now available online for its 24 virtual stations

Gang Liu Gang.Liu at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 14 14:40:15 EDT 2007


The time series data of CRW operational twice-weekly near-real-time 
satellite SST, SST anomaly, Bleaching HotSpot, and Bleaching Degree 
Heating Weeks for 24 selected reef sites (CRW's virtual stations) around 
the globe are now available online at our website. The data can be 
viewed and downloaded by clicking on "data" links on CRW's virtual 
station time series web page
These time series data are in ASCII text format and updated twice a week 
in near-real-time. Previously, only the graphs of the time series were 
posted online.

NOAA Coral Reef Watch
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