[Coral-List] Job Posting: Aquarium Biologist, Disease Specialist

Charles Delbeek delbeek at waquarium.org
Thu Mar 8 15:02:11 EST 2007

   The  Waikiki  Aquarium  has  an opening for an aquarist experienced in
   fish disease including the use of basic disease diagnostic techniques,
   and  the  ability  to  set  up proper quarantine and disease treatment
   protocols. This position requires a minimum of two years experience at
   a   public   aquarium,   aquaculture   facility,  zoological  park  or
   equivalent.  The  position  also maintains exhibit tanks and serves as
   the Hawaiian monk seal backup when primary staff member is away.
   The   position   requires  a  skilled,  dedicated  and  self-motivated
   individual.  The  Waikiki Aquarium is the State Aquarium of Hawaii and
   exhibits tropical and subtropical marine life from the Pacific with an
   emphasis  on  marine  fish  and  invertebrates,  particularly  corals,
   cephalopods, and giant clams.
   A complete listing of minimum and desirable qualifications, duties and
   responsibilities,  and  minimum  salary  can be found on the following
   website:  please note the deadline for filing an application is Friday
   March 30, 2007. Please follow application instructions.

   Application  address:  Waikiki Aquarium, 2777 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu,
   HI 96815. Inquiries: Deanna Lee (808) 440-9030; deannal at hawaii.edu

   J. Charles Delbeek M.Sc.
   Aquarium Biologist III
   Waikiki Aquarium,
   University of Hawaii
   2777 Kalakaua Ave.
   Honolulu, HI, USA 96815
   808-923-9741 ext. 0 VOICE
   808-923-1771 FAX


   1. http://workatuh.hawaii.edu/zoom_job.php?7263
   2. http://www.waquarium.org/

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