[Coral-List] How can I contact coral reef managers?

Venetia Hargreaves-Allen mmamanagerquestionnaire at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 12:29:17 EDT 2007

Dear coral listers,

Many of you will have seen the notice about my coral reef management survey
a few weeks ago.  This is an exciting global analysis of socio-economic and
ecological impacts of marine protected areas.  The link to the questionnaire
is here in English: http://www.iccs.org.uk/Venetia/mma.html and here in
Spanish; http://www.iccs.org.uk/mmamanagerquestionnaireesp.htm.

As yet, despite the prize money rewards, my response rate is low (which is
fairly typical I hear).   I do however think, this is partly due to poor
access to managers through email or by fax.  I have tried several of the big
organisation newsletters, such as reefbase, MPA news and have done plenty of
google searches for egroups etc, etc.

I wondered if anyone here might know of any individual manager contact
details or manager egroups, listserves, newsletters, learning networks or
databases? Regional group fora and egroups would be particularly useful.  If
you know of anything that might help, I would be very grateful if you could
let me know at mmamanagerquestionnaire at gmail.com.  Researchers with good
working knowledge of a specific MPA are also very much in demand!

Many thanks and best wishes,


Venetia Hargreaves-Allen (MSc)
PhD Researcher
Imperial College, London

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