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I love it when you do this. Makes me warm all over. But I will watch my

One usually needs to consider the source, in these increasingly
acrimonious "debates" about global warming. The Centre for Science and
Public Policy, for example, just lauded Sen. Inhofe for his
efforts...and even those of us up in Canada know what his efforts
amount to. The Centre is well-funded by, among others, Exxon-some
details may be found at

On the other hand. In this case, they are bang on. Warmer waters will
mean range expansions up the coast of Florida (although reefs elsewhere
in the world will go belly-up). Designating Acropora as the only
species so far identified as threatened by global warming is patently
absurd. Acropora is threatened by a host of things-and there is ample
evidence to this effect-but not (so far) by global warming.

The Caribbean-wide decline of reefs has nothing to do with global
change, and a lot to do with things like land-based sources,
overfishing, etc. It is easier to arm-wave about CO2 than it is to
advocate controlling development.

This time you got it right, Gene. Maybe because there were no polar


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