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Ross Manson rosscolio at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 17:50:09 EDT 2007

Hello, my name is Ross Manson, I am a 26 year old South African citizen.
Before I bore you with all the details I'll get straight to the point: I am
an aspiring ecologist. To be actively involved in marine research,
conservation and study is where i need to be.

Now, I realise that this is a little unorthodox for a *Coral-list* posting,
but please bear with me, I'll keep this as brief as possible.

I have obtained my Bsc Environmental Science from the University of the
Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa. But now, about 2 years after
completing my degree I've still done very little work. Although not from
lack of enthusiasm. I lived and traveled through Scotland and Europe for a
year, finding no environmental work, and so I ended up living in South Korea
somehow, teaching English!

My most recent trip was to the Caribbean, Netherlands Antillies where I did
some voluntary work for the Marine Parks on both Saba and St.Eustatius.  I
have just returned and Truly loved it there, so I am looking to make more
contacts in the area and possibly open some new doors. But that is not to
say that I'm limiting myself geographically, I would work anywhere in the
world that offers another step in the right direction.
I have realised how much opportunity there actually is, especially when you
are prepared to travel anywhere in the world, as I am. But it all seems to
come back to the old saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know",
cliche perhaps, but true.

So, basically I am looking to make some contacts and take it from there. It
seems like a logical step? I plan on enjoying my day to day routine and
working in the environmental sector is the only way I can see that
happening. And hence, this email finds it's way into your mailbox.

 I have also been trying to find the email addresses of the various marine
parks around the world, but for some reason I'm finding it difficult,
perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. .

Take care

Ross M. Manson

rosscolio at gmail.com

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