[Coral-List] Favorite Reef URLs Sound like research request

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 15 13:25:31 EDT 2007

This sounds like a research request...Maybe you should
provide the referenced sites already found so that
people can just add and return to you...makes your
life and those of others easier.

Don't mind helping but few lists are returned to the
list without subscription to the journal receiving the
listed references.

Jim - maybe this should be a policy for any such
world-wide request for info??

Tom Williams

--- Barbie Bischof <bbischof at rsmas.miami.edu> wrote:

> Hi coral listers,
> I'm writing an article on reefs on the web and would
> love your input  
> on favorite URLs that feature reef education, reef
> science, reef  
> monitoring, reef creature ID, ancient reefs, reef
> maps, or any such  
> websites that would be of interest to a community of
> academics  
> interested in environmental issues.
> This article is for the journal Environment.  I've
> found quite a few  
> websites myself, but there's a lot out there -- some
> not so good --  
> so send me your favorites or those that are fairly
> new and may not  
> have made it to the first 50 pages of a search
> engine. I'm not  
> intersted in advertisements or products.
> Email your favorite sites to me at bbischof at fsu.edu
> Looking forward to your input.
> --Barbie Bischof
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> B.Bischof
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> Dept. of Geography
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> bbischof at fsu.edu
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