[Coral-List] Reflections on ICRS 11

ommm ommm at wanadoo.fr
Mon Aug 4 12:36:11 EDT 2008

Dear All

I represent a small NGO located in Martinique, French West Indies, lost 
right in the middle of the Lesser Antilles. I was able to attend the 
ICRS meeting with 3 of my PhD students. We submitted 3 posters and 2 
talks to present unpublished results from Martinique, where permanent 
coral reef research is quite new (less than 6 years).
What I would like to highlight is that I was really disappointed seeing 
that our request for 2 talks was changed into poster presentation while 
the same team could have 3 to 4 talks in the same mini-symposia, just 
the speaker changing ... with same slides for different talks and same 
ideas developed in a different manner.
I understand that many abstract were submitted and I am not complaining 
about the choice that the board committee had to make.
I just realise that small institution are not well listened and I want 
to point out that the quality of the work is not related to the size of 
the institution.


Dr Jean-Philippe Maréchal
Observatoire du Milieu Marin Martiniquais
3 avenue condorcet
97200 Fort de France
tel: + 33 (5) 96 39 42 16

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