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Thanks, Shashank.  

On a taxonomic sidebar, however, isn't Acropora formosa (Dana, 1846) now A. muricata?  

I realize all our old texts and even fairly new field guides use "A. formosa", but I believe the precedent goes to Rumphius who described the coral when he lived on Ambon in Indonesia from 1660-1670 (he thought the animals were plants??)

Looking forward to an update, correction to my impression above about current Acroporid nomenclature.  Here's a recent pub' (2008) for genetic work on A. muricata if anyone's interested:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18322634


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  Dear Listers
  There has been again bleaching in corals of  a high latitude coral community in Nishidomari, Otsuki ( N 32 degree 46’ 45” and E 132degree 43’ 59”), Japan.
  Compare to the previous year, this year it has been worst.  Seawater temperatures are 30 degree centigrade + most of the time.
  The main reason for such impact is lack of Typhoons this year resulting in almost no mixing of cold  and warm waters
  Please take a look at the photos I took today....


  Most of the corals that I saw were at a depth of 3-4 meters.
  Like last year, the most affected species is Acropora hyacinthus followed by pale coloration in Acropora formosa, Pavona decussata and bleaching of some other species.


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  Dear listers,

  I'd like to know the taxonomic status of Acropora surculosa (Dana, 1846).
  Daphne Fautin's Hexacorallians of the World and a bunch of other online
  repositories report the species as valid, but it is not listed either in
  Cairns's (1999) compilation or in the latest edition of Veron's  Corals of
  the World.

  Thanks and best wishes.

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