Sarah Frias-Torres sfrias_torres at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 25 11:56:00 EDT 2008

Dear Coral-listers,
As part of an outreach/education campaign I am producing at this time,  targeted initially to the Hispanic community in the USA, I would like to make you aware of a new video we have posted on you tube titled "Guasas bajo proteccion" [goliath grouper under protection]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHRa26y-YpkThe video is  a rough cut of what will be aired eventually in Telemundo (Miami based hispanic TV station). The audio is in Spanish, but you can also hit the "translation" button. We are working on subtitles or dubbing in English.
I hope you like it

Sarah Frias-Torres, Ph.D. 
Marine Conservation Biologist
Ocean Conservation and Research Association, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA


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