[Coral-List] Job Posting: US EPA Ecologists at Gulf Breeze, FL

Santavy.Debbie at epamail.epa.gov Santavy.Debbie at epamail.epa.gov
Tue Aug 26 14:15:47 EDT 2008

The Gulf Ecology Division (GED), Biological Effects and Response Branch
(BPRB), of the National Health and Environmental Effects Research
Laboratory (NHEERL), Office of Research and Development (ORD) located in
Gulf Breeze, Florida, is currently advertising for the position of
Research Ecologist, GS-0408 12/13. Two vacancy announcements have been
posted on the Office of Personnel Management website, USA JOBS at
http://www.usajobs.gov under the following numbers:

      RTP-DE-2008-0159  (open to all U.S. citizens)::

      RTP-MP-2008-0278. (open to Federal competitive status eligibles
      and other special groups as listed in the announcement):

The vacancy announcements closes August 29, 2008.

   Duties and Responsibilities: At the full performance level the
   incumbent will serve as a research team leader in the field of
   Ecology. He/she is responsible for coordinating the project and
   serving as an advisor and technical authority to scientists and
   officials in program offices both in the government and outside;
   developing appropriate datasets to quantify the impacts of water
   quality and land-use decisions on the ecological services of aquatic
   and terrestrial ecosystems; designing and performing laboratory
   experiments and field surveys necessary to obtain population data to
   generate and inform population and community sustainability models;
   developing community and landscape-level models which include effects
   of environmental decision-making in multiple ecosystems for
   integration into decision support platforms for national and regional
   planning; developing conceptual and quantitative models linking
   stressors associated with changing landscapes and climate with
   impacts on ecosystem structure, function and services; performing
   statistical analyses of model input data and model results in order
   to quantify uncertainties, sensitivities, and stochastic properties
   of models and data; incorporating existing and remote-sensed data in
   population and community modeling studies; preparing reports for EPA
   dissemination and manuscripts for peer-reviewed journal articles; and
   contributing to projects in the Ecological Research Program and
   assist other teams at the Gulf Ecology Division as needed by
   providing modeling, geographic analysis and statistical expertise.

The US EPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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