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   Subject: Cuban Reef Scientists to ICRS
      Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 17:07:01 -0400
      From: Robert Ginsburg [1]<rginsburg at rsmas.miami.edu>


As many of you may know the United States Embargo does not normally allow Cuban
 Scientists to come to the United States for scientific meetings. Nevertheless
a group of us have been working to bring four coral reef scientists to the Fort
 Lauderdale Symposium in July. The senior scientists are Pedro Alcolado and Rod
olfo Claro.  The two younger ones are Fabian Amargo and Patricia Gonzalez.

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and it is ringed with coral reefs.
For those who are interested in the possibility of doing research on Cuban reef
s,making contact with these Cuban scientists will be valuable. All those who wo
uld like to meet with these visitors during the Symposium please let me have yo
ur names, email and cell phone information. Any of you who are interested in he
lping us support their visit please contact me.

Robert Ginsburg
Ocean Research and Education Foundation
(305) 421-4875  FAX (305) 421-4094 mobile during the Symposium (305)801-2594


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