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Do I correctly understand that statement to say, Gene, that of all the oil entering the oceans, 95% comes from shipping and land runoff, and that only 5% comes from all other sources -- including offshore production, air emissons, precipitation, etc?  Or am I misunderstanding it?


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>This subject seems to have elicited many thoughtful comments. As for 
>invasive species I wonder how many rigs are being towed around the 
>world versus tankers and container ships crisscrossing the oceans?  I 
>suspect this is another reason why we should find our own energy 
>rather than have all those ships bring in invasive species. Might 
>mention that there have been at least two National Academy of 
>Sciences reports on oil in the oceans. I don't remember the exact 
>numbers but on an annual basis it around 95% that goes into the 
>oceans from shipping and land runoff.  Gene
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