[Coral-List] coral recovery from drastic irradiance stress

itay cohen 2itaycohen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 13:10:55 EDT 2009

Hello to all coral lists.

I am working on photo physiology of the coral *S. pistillata* in the red
sea, in one of my experiments a few corals from 30 m depth were transferred
to 3 m depth. Irradiance level in 3 m was 9 times higher than in 30 m depth.
I was wondering if anyone tried putting corals through such drastic stress
or heard of any study that shows survival of any specie of corals taken from
deep and relocated in shallow depth, reference will be mostly welcome.


Itay Cohen
PhD. student.
Hebrew University,
Inter University Institute in Eilat, Israel.
email: 2itaycohen at gmail.com
phone: 972507450404

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