[Coral-List] illegal harvesting of coral

Lee Goldman coralfarmguam at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 21 06:47:57 EST 2009

Dear all,

A while back I took part of discussion about the merits of harvesting coral for the aquarium trade and was reprimanded for using a figure that could not be verified. I humbly agreed that in the best interest of science I was wrong to use the figure (although I know it to be true, and used CITES to back it up, the number was subjective so all of the proponents of the aquarium trade jumped on me). Okay, let's get started with the verification process as well as re-examine the concerns and issues with regards to corals within the aquarium trade. For all who are interested, check this link out:


While the weight of shipment does not often accurately describe the numbers of corals, I am willing to bet this was quite a bit...and coming from an area in the world where this can make an impact. Again, for those who feel there is no problem, please understand that one area that represents a 'good' model (used over and over again by the proponents as their model of best practice) is rare these days and the demand obviously is not being met...

Please note that this is an owner of an aquarium/pet shop. Unfortunately, this type of attitude and disregard for the reefs is not uncommon with end-user(s).

Please let me know if you are having trouble with this and I can send the article directly to you.


Lee Goldman


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