[Coral-List] Coral Reef Defenders in Court

Erik Gauger erik at notesfromtheroad.com
Wed Jul 8 15:15:55 EDT 2009

Dear Coral List,


I want to update you on the coral reef fight in the Northern Bahamas.  Many
of you know that the residents of a small Bahamian island - Great Guana Cay
- have been fighting against a golf and marina mega-development, which is
located on the northern 2/5ths of their island.  The residents of the island
believe that Guana Cay's coral reef will be harmed by the development's
construction and continued operation, and they have pursued all options to
save their reef.  After several court battles in the Bahamas, the local
group - Save Guana Cay Reef - is now fighting the developer and the Bahamian
government at Privy Council, the highest court for Bahamians, and which is
based in London.  The Sierra Club and ELAW both submitted an Amicus Curiae
in support of Save Guana Cay Reef. Also, several scientists and
conservationists here on the coral list have offered scientific support to
the local's case.  


This case is not about a single coral reef however, because the case itself
is prompting local action around the Bahamas and Caribbean.  A win for the
locals could impact precedent for many island development issues.


Here is an image that shows construction and the reef:




Here is an article showing how this case is affecting other development




This Freeport Tribune article explains the case which is being heard before
Privy Council today:





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