[Coral-List] Coral Bleaching in St Croix, USVI, Caribbean

MelissaE Keyes melissae.keyes at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 17 14:34:06 EDT 2009

Hello, Listers,

Yesterday I noticed one Siderastrea siderea that has turned about half-way to blue from brown. 

I also saw one small Diploria strigosa that was an odd grayish white.  Not like the clear snow white of 2005 bleaching colors.  I believe it's still alive.

I've started a bleaching file of photos of each of them.  The sea is quite warm, although I haven't a thermometer right now.

I could build a blog of these photos if anyone is interested in following this series that's just beginning.


Melissa E. Keyes


Melissa E. Keyes

St. Croix, 

U.S.Virgin Islands



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