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Hey Gene, maybe a good paper titled energy, "BIOLOGY", and the environment!
Geologists and atmospheric scientists forget to include biological feedback
loops when playing with their little computer models.

Many people that become emotionally crazy with-regards to the flat-earthers"
denial of global warming, is due to their lack of an understanding of the "
Biological Modulation of the Earth's Atmosphere" and the feedbacks associated
with the entire biosphere (Margulis,L. & Lovelock,J.) The dialectics on both
sides of this debate, where participants share at least some meanings and
fundamental principles of inference in common is the overall reason for such
explosive arguments to arise. Your conservative position forces you to not
respect the role of biological feedbacks associated with the microbial world,
hence its easy for you to say ; "no rocks no water, no life"

Good day Gene!
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Quoting Eugene Shinn <eshinn at marine.usf.edu>:

* Wow! I suspected there may be fireworks but did not expect so much
* deep philosophical soul-searching analysis. That's good!
*       Over the weekend I read an essay by a friend of long standing,
* Bob Foster, a geologist and one of the leading AGW contrarians  in
* Australia. He has just edited an upcoming issue of the UK journal
* (Energy & Environment 2009, vol. 20 no 1 & 2 ) He said " After 5
* months of misery, it is now "in press" at last. He said, "I chose
* natural drivers of weather and climate, albeit broadly interpreted,
* as its subject - being a deliberate challenge to the assertion of the
* Great and the Good that our weather and climate are primarily
* people-driven."
*       Bob wrote an extensive essay/introduction to the vol.  and sent
* me a preprint.  On the 4th page of his introduction, after describing
* the contributions of the various authors, he says. "Now is the time
* for a digression. I was at Adelaide University during the last decade
* of the half-century struggle between the then-dominant paradigm of
* Hutton/Lyell Uniformitarianism, and Wegener's theory of Continental
* Drift. If we students had admitted we preferred continents that
* drift, we may well have been failed. (Ironically, the overthrow of
* Flood Geology - all sediments were either pre-diluvian or
* anti-diluvian- by uniformitarianism, had itself been a giant step
* forward.) Scientists are herd-animals; they revere consensus, and are
* protective of the status quo. Here quoting noted geologist (and
* contributor to this volume) Cliff Ollier: R. T. Chemberlin said
* geologists might well ask if theirs could still be regarded as a
* science when it is "possible for a theory like this to run
* wild"...And: Sir Harold Jeffres disposed of continental drift
* as...."an explanation which explains nothing which we wish to have
* explained".
*       Sadly, antipathy to new ideas is endemic in science. When John
* Maddox introduced peer-review to NATURE, he found he had to exempt
* Fred Hoyle and Louis Leaky; because reviews of their papers were so
* trenchantly negative. Two of the authors I sought out for this issue
* suffered some (not all) negative reviews - to the point where higher
* authority has felt unable to grant them "Refereed" status. But, both
* papers survive-and both are interesting and thought-provoking"
*       Later in the introduction Foster brings up echos of Russia's
* Lysenko affair. One of his authors quoted James Hansen (climate
* scientist at NOAA) at a hearing organized by Senator Tim Wirth. In it
* Hansen said about companies that emitt CO2, "In my opinion, these
* CEOs should be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature. If
* their campaigns continue and "succeed" in confusing the public, I
* anticipate testifying against relevant CEOs in future public trials."
*       The final words  about Lysenkos power in Russia were ominous.
* "The director of the Institute of Genetics at the USSR Academy of
* Science, Nikolai Vavilov, was a Mendelian theoretician of
* high-standing. But in 1940, Vaivilov was arrested; and after 11
* months of interrogation, he and two colleagues were tried and
* sentenced to death. His sentence --only--was commuted; but he died in
* prison. "
*     The readers may remember  Lysenkos theory that ste Russian science
* for many years. It said that evolution is rapid and changes are
* acquired over a generation. Thus, the environment/political system
* could mould  humankind.  It fit the politics and government policies
* of the day. Pretty Scary! Is anything like that happening today?
*       So, even though the story I contributed about psychological help
* for climate deniers was intended as humorous I could not help but
* wonder. People have done some really serious and crazy things in the
* past...not to mention silly wars. Are we going into a period of
* craziness again? I look forward to reading the entire vol of "Energy&
* Environment" when it becomes available. Possibly some coral-list
* readers will want to read it as well. Meanwhile, lets hope this
* unusually cold winter is nearly over. Gene
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